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Cognitive Coaching with The Front Row Club

Fact: Players lose 13% of your ability to make a decision when your VO2 max is at 50%. translated As soon as 5-10 minutes into the game players start to tire and they can make 'dumb' decisions. Do you have players who 'look' but don't 'see' and you can't understand why? Ken Franks (Franks Brothers Performance gym), has successfully developed programs in the gym to test players under stress and improve their decision making when fatigued. Are they effective? Just ask the current super rugby champions - the Crusaders! Note to coach: Players do not intentionally make 'bad' decisions on the field. Your role - help them make better ones and not to ridicule the bad ones! Note to player: The fitter I am and the more I perform under stress the better my performance will be!

Part 1. Cognitive Coaching - Decision making under stress   10:52 Member content

We sit down with Ken Franks to understand more about Cognitive Coaching and how it can help players make ‘good’ decisions. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Cognitive Coaching - Imaging 5:35 Member content

In Ken’s latest video, he covers virtual skill execution between weight sets. The data connecting mind memory and performance is undeniable. Learn more here!

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Part 3. Cognitive Coaching - Zone Triggers 6:04 Member content

What are Zone Triggers? Watch Ken’s latest video to find out more!

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Course reviews

Excellent video!

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Top notch Ken. Love the idea of my tighthead going from a big squat into a scrum while visualising a scrum to win the game. Definitely going to introduce it into our S&C sessions

South Africa

actually its very help full for my players to learn new things

Sri Lanka

Class videos!


Fantastic. Lightbulb moment for myself as a qualified S & C Coach as well as running a High School Specialised Rugby Program, this is something I will defiantly be exploring. ????


Great stuff thank u Mr Franks Senior. Now, I’d love to get the low down on how you mark performance for the peripheral vision side of lifting please.

Really appreciate the value of connecting mentally the mechanics and the movement with the process. Often overlooked that the most important rep is the last one! #musclememory #cognitiveconnecting

Great session. Coming up with different ways to help players make more good decisions when tired is critical. Really hard to train for.


Really interesting and thought provoking


AAbsolutely great, I’ve been trying to find ways to conduct better sessions, this video has made me think and want to learn more, hopefully a good thing.


Muy interesante!


Brilliant piece! I’ve been preaching this very important subject to my girls for years. Thank you!


quiero ver este vdo de Ken Frank coaching cognitivo pero la plataforma no lo permite ! Agradezco solucionar problema yo ya soy suscriptor . Saludos


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