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Side Stepping and Attack - All with Shane Williams

Shane Williams breaks the sidestep down, taking you through his skill checklist and showing you how the ball carrier and support runners can manipulate defenders and defensive lines to beat and unlock them. Watch and learn direct from one of the best attacking players the game of rugby has ever seen.

Part 1. Side Stepping & Attack   14:05 Member content

Side stepping is what made Shane Williams famous, the David amongst the field of Goliaths. Here is how he did it.

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Course Part 1
Duration 14:05
Topics Position specific Player Programme Attack
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Great session by a smaller player, use of footwork angles of running, creating holes. A lot in a brief session.


I’m not jason


easy to follow demo from one of the greats john doyle _ ireland


An excellent and simple demonstration breaking down the elements very clearly.


Good helpful points, its not easy to side step but the video perfect for wanting to learn..

New Zealand

No tiene traduccion


It’s interesting to see the Xs and Os of various Rugby ploys. But they come a alive with with Shane Williams. Great to watch a master at work.


angle of side step i found helpful how to draw the player and off balance him always thought more of a side step is meant to be running straight at the player

New Zealand

amazing video, much respect to shane great inspiration


Great skill to develop!!!

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

this is a great video as it shows simple patterns of play that is fundamental to all attacking movements.


Very clear and good. Not just side-stepping but also attacking defensive lines more broadly. Very helpful.


I used this on somebody . and i scored a try(:


very instructive,just embarked on my level 1 coaching

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

,very helpful

South Africa

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