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Micro Skills Development - Y with Aaron Jones

It is about having fun and progressing the learning and delivering the ‘WHY’ the players are doing the activity and where it relates to the game.

Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones returns to the Rugby Site with a group of juniors from the famous Petone Rugby club (Wellington NZ), for a Micro skills series.

In this series, Aaron Rugby Code covers getting contact ready, Catch and Pass, scrum setup, decision making plus other rugby skill development games.

Part 1. Micro skills to get young players contact ready   10:00 Member content

In part 1, ‘Jonesy’ gets the young players warmed up and ready for contact.

Ask questions to encourage and stimulate the players.

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Part 2. Micro skills for young and new players - Catch and Pass 15:15 Member content

Keep the key messages simple and progress the skill

develop the core catch and pass skills from time the player starts rugby.

Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones continues his Micro skills series with a group of Petone Rugby club (Wellington NZ), juniors.

This week, ‘Jonesy’ has the young players focused on their Catch and Pass skills.

Get everyone involved ie parents, then the players can practice the skills any where, any time.

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Part 3. Micro skills - Tackle confidence 14:11 Member content

Shoulder under the ball – head to the side.

Understand the skill and then you can perform it more effectively.

Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones continues his Micro skills series with a group of Petone Rugby club (Wellington NZ), juniors.

This week, ‘Jonesy’ has the young players focus on their Tackle detail.

Remember: keep the key messages simple, progress the skill and have fun.

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Part 4. Warm Up for Youth Players 13:12 Member content

An opportunity to analyse where the players are at during the warm up to shape the actual training.

Is Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones approach to the Warm Up as he returns with a new series delivering a Full Season’s Training Program for Youth and New to rugby players.

In today’s release, Aaron is warming the players up for ball carry into contract training.

Ball in hand all the time and building on the activity.

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Part 5. Ball Carry into Contact - Micro Skills 9:58 Member content

Footwork to get to space, look after the ball and body height into contact.

are Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones key messages for developing Ball Carry into Contact Micro skills.

Keeping the players engaged and progressing their skills.

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Part 6. Ball Carry into Contact - The 4 Fs 11:55 Member content

Footwork, Fend, FOG, and the Finish are Rugby Code Aaron Jones’ 4 Fs.

Aaron goes to ground with the ball this week with his young Petone Players in his final Ball in Carry release.

Be strong in the contact to win the collision.

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Part 7. Micro skills - Gaming Embedding Ball Carry into Contact 11:51 Member content

Win the collision, go to ground and get the good ball presentation

Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones finishes his Ball in Carry series with some short-sided games to help his young Petone players Embed the Ball into Contact.

Don’t cloud the learnings or messaging.

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Part 8. Early Communication makes for Better Decisions 16:22 Member content

Early communications enables early decisions and greater player(s) awareness

Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones emphasises the importance of clear, concise and EARLY communication in this week’s Micro Skills series release.

Aaron also details the types of decisions the players must consider carrying into contact.

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Part 9. Micro skills - Using Space to Create the Attack 16:20 Member content

Hold your space and depth, run with purpose, and use the ball to go forward to build the attack.

Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones continues his Micro Skills – Ball Carry series with his Petone junior players with a modified attack skills game.

Players moving the ball to space to create the Attack is the game’s purpose.

As Aaron highlights modify the game to accentuate the skills and player’s enjoyment.

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Part 10. Modified game – Finding Space on Attack 10:44 Free video

Players not receiving your coaching messages as you expect is a common scenario in training sessions at all levels and forms of the game.

Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones experiences such a situation with the Petone, Wellington junior players executing a Modified Attack game.

Aaron uses a variety of coaching skills during the session to achieve his intended player outcomes.

Modify the game to the players pace not yours.

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Part 11. Modifying the Field Size to Suit the Playing Group 5:56 Member content

More touches on the ball, more players in the contact, closer to playing peers are just some of the benefits as Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones modifies the playing fields for his playing group in this week’s release.

Game On for ability not just playing numbers.

We also get the added bonus of some valuable referee insights into how they assess the tackle height!

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Part 12. Building into the Power Position 8:13 Member content

You can’t look back and see where your body is at going into contact

You need ‘triggers’ and ‘feel’ the position.

As Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones explains to his junior/youth players preparing for their scrummaging.

From head to core to hips to toes, Aaron loads part by part the Power Position – essential for players for scrum and contact play.

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Part 13. Building a Scrum 11:33 Member content

A Good position is a safe effective position

As players share their learnings with Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones during his Scrum Setup session.

Using a variety of techniques and getting plenty of engagement Aaron builds 4 scrums with his junior players.

Note the innovative use of coaching resources – holding a scrum development session with all 4 teams prior to their games. They then take their learnings straight into the game.

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Part 14. Micro Skills - Catch and Pass 6:25 Free video

Watch the ball into your hands is Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones lasting message as he completes the 1st part of his new Run, Catch and Pass series.

This week, Aaron’s focus is on the fundamentals of catching and passing the ball.

Elbows, fingers, eyes, hips and feet – there are plenty of parts in play to catch and pass a rugby ball!

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Part 15. Micro Skills - Push Pass 8:03 Member content

Catch, look, get rid of it is Aaron’s message to his U15 girl’s group as he continues his Run, Catch, Pass session.

In this week’s release, Aaron’s emphasis is on the key fundamentals to executing a great catch and Push Pass.

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Part 16. Understanding Catch Pass Biomechanics 4:22 Member content

There are many ways to teach the catch and pass.

Rugby Code’s Aaron Jones works on getting the players to understand the catch and pass ‘Why’ rather than just what and how.

Why the hands are positioned down, elbows are loaded, hips are square, hands out to the target to send the ball and up early to receive the ball and watching the ball.

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Part 17. Modified Game - Razzle Dazzle 0:00 Member content

This week, Aaron puts the girls’ skill learning under some pressure in a simple modified game with some active defence opposing the attacking players.

Coaches you can modify the game to suit and keep challenging the players – static defence to active, defence one a line to being able to move forward, one touch to two touches, touches on the hips only etc.

Again suitable for all age groups.

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Course reviews

great drills and videos!


Realy wel done! The positioning of the players in the front row is paramont!


Very informative video something to be used by coaches especially for young players

New Zealand

Please, more videos in Spanish!


I really enjoyed this video because these group of young men depicts more realistically the mix of players (skill and knowledge of the game level) that we, as coaches, usually face and the struggle to keep them focused and motivated.


Very effective messaging here from the coach.


Really like this video. Thank you.


Very Informative, got some great tips out of this. Thanks!

New Zealand

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