Breakdown articles

Rugby coaching videos from the world's best coaches and players on developing breakdown skills and tactics to help win crucial contests.

A closer look at the rucking rules

The ruck is an interesting aspect of the game, and highlights the demands on referees at the top level.

With the speed of the modern game, and the fact that professional and amateur players will push the laws to breaking point to get an advantage, it’s certainly not an easy job.

Wayne Smith Preview: Receiving the high ball

The first in this new series of rugby coaching videos from Wayne Smith is about high ball work, and specifically about receiving the high ball.

Check out the trailer here:


Breaking down the Brumbies' breakdown tactics

ACT Brumbies’ Director of Rugby, Laurie Fisher’s influence over the last three seasons has been clear in the Brumbies’ breakdown work, where the Australians excelled last weekend against the Chiefs. Murray Kinsella shows how Fisher’s influence contributed to the Brumbies’ success.

Schmidt breaks it down for Ireland

After Ireland’s impressive Six Nations victory, Murray Kinsella looks at one area where they excelled, the breakdown. Here’s Murray analyses what Joe Schmidt has asked his men to do at the ruck.

Coming Soon: Body position at the breakdown with Eddie Jones

In this module Eddie Jones works with Junior Japan on the body position of the 2nd player to the breakdown. The focus in this course is either securing the space or the ball, ensuring players stay on their feet.

Leech for the Line

‘Leeching’ or ‘latching’ is the act of a support player connecting with the ball carrier to generate more go-forward into contact. Murray Kinsella highlights some examples and key things to consider.

Coming Soon - Warren Gatland: Clear out (Removing the Threat)

Warren Gatland, gives a 25min session on how to remove the opposition threat at the breakdown. This includes clear out technique and progressive drills to improve your chance of winning those all important collisions.

Coming Soon - Mike Friday: 7s Contact Skills (Tackle breakdown & Clear Out)

Mike Friday and the Kenya 7s team go through a session on contact skills at the breakdown

Warren Gatland: Contact Scenarios - Trailer

In this module I’ll look at helping players to take contact on their own terms, buy some time, make sure the ball comes back and control this critical area of the game.

A few points on the new scrum laws

After nearly 2 years of trialling the new scrum laws, Joel Jutge’s last minute change of heart is causing some problems already.