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Kicking in all forms is playing an increasing role in the game.

We have it covered for you with kicking skills and tactics videos for all types of kicking at all levels of the game from some of the game's most successful kickers including Dan Carter, Leigh Halfpenny, Valentin Cruz, Bryce Shearer, Hamish Webb and others.

Plus we have categorised them by playing level to make it easier for you to find:

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  • HS – high school
  • A – adult
  • All – suitable for all levels

Why Super Rugby Pacific was right to drop ‘Dupont’s Law’ from SRP 2024

Super Rugby Pacific have dumped World Rugby’s “Dupont’s Law” for their 2024 competition. As Nick Bishop details using the recent Scotland v France 6N’s match they have good reason to.

How to construct an effective kick-chase game

Any team looking to build up solid fundamentals in a contestable kicking strategy, England’s RWC2023 semi final performance is great example.

Nick Bishop details how their kick-chase nearly took them to winning the game.

Why the ‘droppie’ may be coming back into fashion!

Nick Bishop details how drop goals like George Ford’s are a simple and risk-free method of keeping the scoreboard ticking over.

How to beat the pressure with both feet

However rare the genuinely ambidextrous may be, it is still important for rugby players at all levels to cultivate the same ability to ‘play both ways’ as Nick Bishop highlights in this week’s analysis using France’s No 9 Dupont as his prime example.

Why ‘pocket protection’ is so important under the box-kick

The cross-fertilization of ideas between collision sports is on the increase.
American Football Pass Protection designed for the Offensive Line to shield the Quarterback who wants to throw the ball downfield is the latest IP transfer to rugby as Nick Bishop illustrates in this week’s analysis.

How to split the middle with your kicking game

In open play as well as from formal restarts, the kick straight up the middle is becoming an increasingly viable option for the side in possession. Nick Bishop explains why this trend has recently started and how it is being executed in this week’s analysis.

Latest trends in the kicking game from San Juan

Hardly a week goes by in the international game, without further proof of the value of a well-directed kicking game.
Using the recent Argentina Vs Wallabies match, Nick Bishop highlights why it is one of the keys to success at any level of the game, whatever your preferred style of play as

How to use the kicking game against 14 men

Why use the kicking game against 14 men?
It is easy to see ‘run’ rather than ‘kick’ when your opponent loses a player to the sin-bin, but as Nick Bishop highlights from recent internationals, there are good reasons to kick.

How to use the left-footed kicking game to your advantage

A good left boot could help stretch the backfield defence to both corners of the field. The recent tour match between Ireland and the Maori All Blacks was an object lesson in the importance of left-footed kicking.

Is the box-kick exit going out of fashion?

How to successfully pressure the box? Nick Bishop illustrates how teams are now finding ways to pressure the box kick even with ‘caterpillar’ protection.